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We are the UK’s leading law firm specialising in concussion and brain injury claims for rugby union players, rugby league players, football players and other sportsmen and women from other contact/collision sports. We represent clients who played these sports in England and/or Wales.

We are passionate about sport but believe that sports’ governing bodies should be doing more (and should have done more) to protect their players from concussions and sub-concussions. We believe that sports’ governing bodies have known about a link between such injuries and playing sports for many decades - and failed to act with the interests of the players in mind.

For those who have been let down by their governing body and developed a brain injury as a result, we’re here to secure justice and compensation, ensuring individuals and families receive the care and support they need.

Concussion In Sport Litigation is a subsidiary of Rylands Garth.

Making a claim with us

We are bringing separate group claims on behalf of hundreds of rugby union players, rugby league players and football players against their respective governing bodies.

We believe thousands of sportsmen and women have been unnecessarily and needlessly exposed to brain injuries, which may have contributed towards a traumatic brain injury diagnosis, such as dementia, at some point in their life. We feel that these neurological conditions should be considered industrial diseases similar to other illnesses suffered as a result of work, such as hearing loss or a lung condition, and that players should be compensated in a similar fashion.

If you believe you are experiencing brain injury symptoms as a result of sporting activity, you may be eligible to take part in these claims.

In the first instance, get in contact with us and our medical experts will establish if your symptoms are suggestive of neurological impairment. This will involve taking part in an advanced brain scan and other testing with a neurologist. We will then work to secure an early settlement or we will argue your case in court if the claims go all the way to trial.

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Why choose Concussion In Sport Litigation for your claim?

We have a wealth of experience managing sports-related brain injury claims and our team of specialist solicitors are committed to securing justice and compensation for players who have been put at risk while taking part in sporting activity.

We understand the devastating impact a brain injury can have on a person and their family. As well as financial support to cover any loss of earnings, adaptions to your home or medical expenses, you may also need emotional support, care services and more. We work alongside medical experts, charities and brain injury groups to form a support network to aid rehabilitation and manage the ongoing challenges of living with a brain injury.

If you choose to progress your legal claims with us, you will be assigned a dedicated solicitor to your case full time. They will be assisted by various experts, consultants and counsel (as appropriate) to bring your claim to a successful conclusion.